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Why Join
the dressage coach?

unlimited coaching from a real coach

Competition resources

schooling exercises

diary & planner

score analyser

inclusive community


Whether you need assistance from Maddi or want to use all the self-help tools featured in our app, The Dressage Coach will help you develop your riding and increase those scores.


Our ever growing schooling exercise library will mean that there is always an exercise which will help you get the most from your training sessions.
Now including audio guides for most movements.


Maddi has spent a huge amount of time putting together a dressage test movements guide which will give you a whole load of information all about every movement you might find in a dressage test including how to score higher and what the judge's look for.

Score Analyser

Every time you compete, enter your scores into your score analyser and find your focus for future training.
Featuring all BD tests up to PSG level, over time you'll gain a picture of your stronger and weaker movements and learn where you are losing points and where you are smashing it.
Add a copy of your scoresheet and send it directly to Maddi via the analyser for extra feedback!

training planner & Diary

Have you ever finished a schooling session feeling elated? Or maybe you feel it could have gone better. Do you ever record those thoughts?
With our planner and Diary you can add reflections to every session and record exactly what went well and what to work on.
You can also add important appointments, competitions and much more to keep track of your equestrian diary!

real feedback from a real coach

The Dressage Coach is all about real coaching for real riders. That means you can contact Maddi at any time via the app for advice, feedback or anything at all.
Send Maddi a video of you schooling session or copy of your score sheet and she'll put send you a video back packed full of advice.
Follow up any feedback by messaging Maddi and having a chat.
It really is like having a coach in your pocket.

goal setting

If you have a goal, the best thing to do is record it, stay accountable and keep track of it.
Our Goal Setting section will allow you to do just that but breaking down your goal into what we call process goals and then breaking each of those down into steps so you can track your achievements and be ultra proud of yourself when you hit that big goal!

A smartphone with the dressage coach screenshot showing
a smartphone with the dressage coach screenshot displayed


take the stress out of competition and improve your scores with our dressage competition tools

Competition planner

Our dynamic Planner and Diary can be used to keep track of all your equestrian activities, but depending on what type of event you add the options will change.
Adding a competition lets you record all the essential information and gives you quick links to other important tools

competition checklist

Take the stress out of your dressage competition. Keep a checklist of everything you need for yourself and your horse and never forget your number or your whip again!
Your list is your own so you can add as much or as little as you like.

find a venue

Looking for somewhere to compete? 
Our brand new venue finder has hundreds of listings of both affiliated and unaffiliated UK venues which can be further filtered by other facilities such as cafes, tack shops, arena hire and more.
We are always adding to our list so if you have a venue you'd like adding, please contact us.

Competition listings

We've added competition listings for British Dressage, British Eventing and British Showjumping to our app so you can easily find a competition to enter.

competition rules

We've also added the BD rule book to our app so you can quickly look up any rules you need to on competition day.

dressage tests listings

Our Dressage Tests section includes listings of 9 different Dressage federations from the UK, Ireland, Australia and FEI so you can find and try different tests to keep developing and challenging yourself.

Other perks

it's not just training & competing....

supportive community

When you join our membership, you don't just access to Maddi, you get access to our wonderful, supportive community of like-minded riders who are always there to offer support and assistance.

daily accountability

We have daily accountability posts on our facebook group where you can check-in and let everyone know how you're feeling that day. Respond to the posted question or tell Maddi how your latest goal is coming along!

exclusive discounts

We have partnered up with some fantastic brands to bring you some great discounts.
Once you've been a member for six months you can even get free music for a Freestyle test.

As a member you'll also receive exclusive discounts on all of Maddi's clinics, camps and other events.

remote coaching

Maddi has been leading the way with remote dressage coaching for years, bringing a sustainable and economical way to train, but also bringing her training to riders all over the world.
You don't need a fancy camera, you don't even need an arena!
Remote sessions can be mounted or unmounted (for mindset, confidence issues etc), and are free for Pro members or available at a discounted rate for Standard members.

A smartphone with The Dressage Coach screenshot showing