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2. Rider Position and It's Effects

In this session, we'll be looking at what the ideal rider position should be and how we can achieve it as well as some exercises to test your own position.We'll also explore how your position effects the horse in both positive and negative ways

Advanced Schooling Exercises

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Essential Schooling Exercises

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4. Engagement, Transitions and Lateral Work

In this final session we'll talk about engagement. What it is, and how to achieve it.

We'll talk about training extension and collection as well as discussing how to train various types of transitions

1. Introduction to Rider Biomechanics

Welcome to the first of 4 sessions on Rider Biomechanics. In this session, we'll cover an introduction to the subject as well as go through the four key areas which contribute to good rider biomechanics and how we can achieve them.

3. Flexion, Bend, Straightness and Turning

We'll be learning about the differences between Flexion and Bend and how to use (and not to use) them to achieve better movement from your horse.

We'll also talk about true straightness, how to achieve it and some techniques to stay on that centre line!

Finally we'll go through 9 different ways of turning the horse and the pros and cons of each way.

1. Into To Franklin Balls

2. Types of Franklin Balls

3. Intro to Franklin Balls

4. Understanding the Importance of Proprioception

5. The Importance of Positive Mindset when improving range of movement

6. Quick Shoulder Loosen Up

7. Check In

8. Tight Pectorals, Ribs & Calves

9. Opening the Chest & Lungs

10. Tightness in Ankles, Legs & Knees

11. Stabilising The Body

12. Greater Movement & Balance

13. Arms

14. Core & Abs

15. Pelvis

16. Abs

17. Shoulder Rolling

18. Pelvic Floor

19. Arms


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