In order to keep our horses Happy & Healthy we need to ensure that all their needs are met both physically and mentally.  This is why we need to have not only a proper training plan but also a correct Management system.  

Lets take a look at a training plan.  So firstly you need to know how many days a week you are going to exercise your horse.  Then you need to know if there are any days that are difficult for you.  Then in the winter, you need to think about daylight hours too, hacking is often reserved just for weekends!  We also need to remember to keep the work varied.

An example Training Plan

You will find an exercise chart that you can use in the resources sections at the bottom.  Don’t forget to schedule on it you farrier, vet, therapist, etc.  Also any shows or clinics as well.

Make a list of everything you like to do with you horse, ie schooling, hacking, polework etc so then you know what you want to put in your plan.  You might not want/ be able to do everything every week, but try to give you and your horse variety.

Now you are ready to start putting your schedule your training plan.  Personally I try to avoid schooling for more than 2 days in a row, but sometimes weather, time or just life means I can’t always stick to that. Also remember to give your horse enough time off, My horse works 5 days a week, but i try to not give him two days off in a row.

We’ve added an example training plan for you to check out.



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