I love working on Performance Mindset.  As a NLP Master Practitioner and a Centre 10 Advanced Coach, I love being able to help riders improve their performance through making changes in their mindset and approach.  I’ve had some great results with riders this year working a lot more on the mindset, the results have spoken for themselves.

Performance Mindset is not just about competitive riders, its a way of dealing with challenges under pressure!  The realism is that the technique for dealing with competition nerves is no different to dealing with a rider who gets nervous about going for a hack!  Performance mindset is not all about dealing with challenges either, its about how to enhance your abilities too!  

Another part of the performance mindset work is also about reviewing or reflecting on performance.  The ability to be able to sit down after an event and calmly and openly reflect on what happened, with no blame, frustration or rose tinted glasses, lets us process in a useful way and gives us guidance on what changes, if any, need to be made.  

Tools that are regularly used within Performance Mindset ( this is just a chosen few!):

▪️Goal Setting


▪️Pressure Testing

▪️Learning to use Stress to enhance performance

▪️Focus & Flow

▪️Understanding the importance of Team and building the right Team

▪️Use of Performance Wheel


▪️Learning to manage Success and Failure

Having a Coach that can help you both technically and from a mindset point of view will really help to set you apart from the rest and give you that extra edge to succeed.


▪️Keep it simple - Remember why we do what we do.

▪️We can ALWAYS improve our mindset

▪️We need to look at things from all perspectives not just our own



Need some help to focus on yourself and your mindset over the week? Why not try out Mindset Journal. It can be printed and completed or typed on using Adobe Acrobat or similar. If you’d like to discuss the contents with Maddi, there’s even a secure dropbox link button on the last page.Top tip, you’ll get better results if you’re writing down your thoughts when going through the journal.


This will help you assess your mental performance and perception.


By understanding what is within our control and what is not, we can start to gain better control over our mindset.