Why is motivation so important

Motivation is the willingness to do something and so, if we have aspirations we need to be motivated!  Equally, without motivation our goals are practically unattainable.

when does motivation actually happen?

Motivation is often the result of an action, which is why we find it easier to stay motivated, but find it harder to find the motivation to actually get started.

How do we get motivated?

By having the right support, inspiration and the correct process, motivation becomes part of your normal day.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you feel motivated to achieve those goals!


Firstly, you have to have something you want to be motivated about!!!  But, if we think about it, we wouldn’t even be reading this if we didn’t so step one is in the bag!  Ok, so the most important thing to know is that getting started is the hardest part.  Once we get going, our motivation keeps up motivated!  So, it’s in these early stages of starting out that we really need the help to keep going.  To do this we need to find inspiration and that can be from other people, from things we see, or from things we hear.  It can be hard when we are trying to be disciplined, but this has not yet become a habit, it’s all to easy to just kind of give up.  But, this is where it is vital to remember why you started in the first place!! This will put you back on the right path.  Once we start to see results, even small ones, we begin to believe in ourselves that we can in fact achieve what we started out to achieve, we then become more motivated to get there.  

It’s really important to remember that we are all different personalities and so some people find they can be really self-motivated all the way through, where as others, really need help with staying motivated and need someone who is dedicated to helping them.  This doesn’t mean that one is more likely to succeed, it just means they are getting to the same destination, just in different ways.  I also genuinely believe that some people can be highly motivated in some areas and not so in others.  I am highly motivated to eat a bar of chocolate, but not very motivated to do housework!  

If you truly want to be motivated, you have to remember this one very important thing.  When you really don’t want to do it, it’s the time you have to do it.  If you can have the discipline to do this, you will become a motivated person.  Once you have broken down the barrier to your motivation, you will become a more motivated person in general.  You will find it easier to tackle anything you want.  You will become more positive.  You will become more successful!!

What's Next?

f you'd like some help working on your motivation, why not drop Maddi a line and have a chat about it.