If we have ridden enough horses for long enough, at some point in our riding we will encounter a confidence issue.  These will be difference for everyone and will need to be addressed in the right way for that person.  Confidence issues usually follow a uncomfortable or frightening experience and don’t alway manifest themselves straight away.  A number of people I have worked with have become worried about something but they don’t know why, but after working on it, it was an event that happened several years ago, but they just put it to the back of their head and pushed on.  A lot of confidence issues only get to be the problem they are because they aren’t dealt with correctly at the time.  If something happens that we don’t like, we need to seek the correct help ASAP so that we can deal with it and be confident with it again.

One of the biggest issue I come across when dealing with confidence is people feeling embarrassed or “bad” that they have lost their confidence.  I am also saddened to hear that a number of people have been made fun of by so-called professionals for admitting they have an issue. This should never be the case, if you seek the right help, they should be there to support you and to help you find the best way to deal with the issue.

Now in some cases it’s not the riding that is the issue with confidence, it can be the circumstances.  I know a number of riders that are really fantastic riders, but hate others watching them, even at home.  It’s always sad to see a wonderful combination go to a competition and “choke” as soon as they get in the ring.  the good news is, that all of this can be worked on and solutions can be found.  I absolutely love working with riders with confidence issues as I get a real buzz from seeing them enjoying their horses again.

If you want some non judgemental support for any issues you may be having, please ask in the Facebook community, I promise you’ll find you aren’t alone.


▪️Keep a daily diary or journal so you can track your journey and more importantly look at how far you’ve come!

▪️If you have a confidence issue, if you can, tell someone you trust about it, if you really don’t want to tell anyone just yet, make sure you write it down.  The reason for this is because when we say our issue aloud or even write it down, our brain then accepts that there is an issue and the new will be more open to dealing with the issue.

▪️Everyone has had or has a Confidence issue of some sort, so never think it’s just you!



Need some help to focus on yourself and your mindset over the week? Why not try out Mindset Journal. It can be printed and completed or typed on using Adobe Acrobat or similar. If you’d like to discuss the contents with Maddi, there’s even a secure dropbox link button on the last page.Top tip, you’ll get better results if you’re writing down your thoughts when going through the journal.


This will help you assess your mental performance and perception.


By understanding what is within our control and what is not, we can start to gain better control over our mindset.