What do we want from our horses when we ride? Balance, suppleness, energy, relaxation, focus, poise?  I know they are certainly the things I like from my horse when I’m training!  By what about me?  Why is it all about what the horse has to do?  If I’m asking my horse be all the things I mentioned, then surely they should receive the same from us right?  We are a partnership, a team, and we all know that only works if we are all doing the same!  This is where Yoga comes into play as a great way for me to work on my side of the partnership.

Yoga may look easy and as though it doesnt really do anything, but you couldn’t be more wrong.  Yoga done properly takes a lot of strength, balance and flexibility.  It is no easy feat to hold some of the positions, and so although it may look as though you are just stood there or lying there, your body is actually working really hard to stabilise.  It’s really important when you are practicing Yoga that you don’t force stretches or positions, you can really do some damage doing that.  When you first start, you will probably find that you can’t quite get the position right, that’s absolutely fine, with practice and repetition, you will achieve it.  If you’ve done your Yoga right, you should definitely know you’ve done it when you finished, but you should always have a sense of relaxation when your done

Yoga is not only great for us from a physical point of view, but its also great for us from a mental side too.  Yoga is a very relaxing experience and when used with meditation, becomes blissful.  When we can reach this state, not only do we become more bodily aware, but we also are able to ask more of our bodies as a lot of our unknown tensions have dissipated.  This in turn improves our flexibility.  From the mental side, when we reach the point of relaxation that we just focus on ourselves and what is happening at that moment, we have great clarity.  If we add the body that is now self aware and more agile to the mind that is able to focus on the hear and now and not be distracted, we are able to really perform!


▪️Remember to use a mat if you are doing your yoga on a hard floor.

▪️Only ask you body to stretch in a pose to a comfortable limit, repetition will get you to where you need to be, but if you force it, you could do damage.

▪️Try to find somewhere peaceful to do your yoga, remember an important part of it is relaxation