Thermal imaging utilises a camera which detects changes in heat within the animal when the image is taken. These changes, no matter how subtle, can give us an indication of an issue within the animal.

Some of the issues which can be highlighted by the use of thermal imaging include:
​Joint and skeletal issues

  • Nerve Damage & injury
  • Ligament and Tendon Damage/Issues
  • Hoof Balance and foot problems
  • Muscular issues
  • Back Problems and Back Pain
  • Dental issues

Once images are taken of your animal, your thermographer should then spend time tuning the images to show the right amount of detail in order to see the potential problems if there are any. As part of the service, you should also be provided with a comprehensive report of our findings which can be used to aid further diagnostics or treatment.

Many people choose to have their animal imaged on a regular basis to keep on top of issues before they become a problem. Thermal imaging can highlight potential issues up to two weeks before clinical signs are shown.

Thermal Imaging can be carried out at your home or yard.