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The real question is WHY NOT??!!  If you like competing and what to have a go at something that lets you ride the test YOU want to, and to music you like, than this is for you!

WHEN to do it?

Freestyle classes are available at Affiliated, Riding Club and Unaffiliated competitions.  It’s a great thing to do and is lots of fun.  Once you’ve done a few competitions and you know what your horses strengths are and what they score well for, this is the time to think about Music classes.


Design your own floor plan for your test, remember to check the required movements and the movements that you are not allowed (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!).  Make sure your test falls within the time allowed.  Video your test and then have some ideas of the kind of music you would like.  Get your music created for you test and you are all good to go!  Of course being a hub member, we can take care of all of that for you!


If you have been a Hub member for a while, you can take advantage of this amazing offer.  There are a couple of terms and conditions, which are:

If you are a Hub+ member, you must have been a member for at least 3 months.

If you are a Hub member, you must have been a member for at least 6 months.

Hub members can receive 1 x finalised floorplan and 1 x finalised DTM music piece in any 12 month period


We’ve partnered up with Black Grouse Media to produce you a high quality music track to accompany your Dressage to Music floorplan. If you qualify under the criteria above, the process is really straightforward.

  1. Book a Dressage to Music Floorplan Consultation with Maddi
  2. Practice and finalise your floorplan with Maddi
  3. Video you riding your floorplan and upload it via secure dropbox link
  4. Black Grouse Media will be in touch to discuss potential music choices and produce you a track to match your floorplan and horse!
  5. Compete and Win! Simple!


When you’re coming up with ideas for your freestyle, think about what your horse’s strengths are as these movements will want really showing off in front of judges.

Equally, think about any of the required movements which maybe your horse is slightly weaker at, so we can place them at the right place in the arena.

Try to make your floorplan as symmetrical as possible (Same movements on both reins).

Try and think outside of the box a little (don’t just copy a normal test)

Don’t be afraid to take risks - it might just pay off!


Make sure you’re familiar with all the rules of your relevant competing body (BD, BRC etc)

Make sure you’re registered to compete at Freestyle with the competing body

Music needs to be labelled as per PPL licensing, you should have stickers for discs  sent to you from BD etc.

Compliance with all rules is your responsibility!


We’ve put together the list of required movements for each level of freestyle dressage. Simply click the relevant level button below.