Ashleigh De Cozar

Hi I Am Ashleigh, I have been riding for 26 years and have had Taboo since a 2 year old, he is my first horse I have started and it’s safe to say his larger than life character is teaching me everything that I don’t know about horses.

But I am not one to shy from a challenge. Since a very early each I have been inspired by the classical Spanish training and developing horses in body and mind, schooling for soundness. My aims for Taboo are to continue to develop him and get the best out of him.

The quirky horses are the friends of a life time. I have recently got myself some transport so hopefully we can start venturing away from home for training and some local competitions over the course of this year.

Outside of horses I have a BSc in Bio-Veterinary sciences from the RVC and I am particularly interested in biomechanics and rehabilitation. I am currently studying for my masters at Bristol in Stem Cells and regeneration. I have a keen interest in clinical psychology also.

I am excited for this opportunity and hope I can inspire the young rider without horsey parents, having weekly sessions on a borrowed pony, that if they dream big and work hard, their dreams will happen.